Helping Introverts Plant the Seeds of What’s Possible.

Are you and your team ready for the future of work?

According to data from Myers-Briggs, introverts account for 57% of the global population. Some reports suggest that up to 50% of leaders are introverted. These numbers will only grow as more people feel psychologically safe to make their introversion known.

A new work ecosystem is emerging. Skills and jobs are changing. The construct of leadership is evolving. The workplaces of yesterday and today have traditionally fostered more extrovert-centric cultures. In the workplace of tomorrow, the organizations that grow and flourish will be ones that take a whole-person approach. Ones that embrace and celebrate each person’s unique needs and contributions. Ones that are led by empathy, compassion, wellbeing, and flexibility.

Now, more than ever, it is time for all introverts to be fully seen, heard, and valued, alongside their extroverted peers.


SeedlingHR is a boutique business consulting and coaching firm in service to start-ups and SMBs. We partner with introverted leaders and their teams around the globe to inspire and nurture a state of thriving. Both turnkey and customized solutions are available for:

Organizational Change

Support success with change initiatives through planning, project management, implementation, and communication

Strategic Advisory

Identify pain points, opportunities, and trends; Drive the co-creation of sustainable systems that accelerate the org’s achievement of its strategic plan


Provide expertise and stewardship for inclusion and diversity; Facilitate alignment on values, behaviors, mission, and purpose


Design and deliver programs and strategic initiatives that strengthen the attraction, retention, and motivation of highly engaged team members

Leadership Development

The Leadership Greenhouse

Executive & Career Coaching

The Leadership Greenhouse

Lead with your heart and put people first Build a community of belonging on your teams Open your mind to new ideas and possibilities Nurturing your people is an investment in your business

Guiding Values

We’re excited to work with individuals and teams that we can live and share our values with. At SeedlingHR, we believe in…

Leading with love

Maintaining all interactions with a high degree of emotional intelligence, empathy, and compassion.

Being authentic

Bring your true self to each conversation and interaction. You are seen. You are heard. You matter.


Interact with integrity and respect. Create space for open discussion and psychological safety.


Embracing diversity is beautiful and powerful. Everyone has a voice and deserves to be heard.


“Purpose is the reason you journey. Passion is the fire that lights the way” (Author unknown). When you get to connect your passion with purpose, you are living up to your full potential.

Impact/Bias for action

The new world of work can no longer afford to be bogged down by delayed decision-making. Be thoughtful but agile. Be willing to try things. Make a difference.

Hi there and thanks for stopping by! I’m Kris and I’m the Founder, Chief Empathy Officer (CEO), and Certified Coach for SeedlingHR.

In November 2020, I left the corporate world after 25 years in People & Culture + L&D to relaunch my business. At that time, I decided to rename to SeedlingHR. What drove me? Wanting to be in service to others in ways that would be fully and authentically me. I’m an empath and a nurturer, and I firmly believe that everyone deserves to be seen, heard, and know they matter. Partnering with me, you’ll have a heart-centered Coach & Advisor who listens deeply, is filled with curiosity, and is a trusted thinking partner.

Sprouting from SeedlingHR, I have also launched The Leadership Greenhouse. This is a virtual incubator for introverts to grow and nurture their skills in this new word of work. Solutions available include Assessments, Executive & Career Coaching, and Development programs.

I am honored to work and share space with fellow introverts, helping them plant the seeds of what’s possible.

With heart,



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